Avoid Posting These Things will Get You Away from Hacking FacebookActivity


When Facebook was made for the first time, the aim was to connect people from certain environment together. It became a link to communicate easier and faster, but now Facebook becomes the “window” of everything. Through this social media, we know that this couple is not in relationship anymore or “A’ is still being angry at “B”. This condition can lead to hacking activity. Mention these things will make hacking Facebook is possible to come to your way.

Avoid Private Numbers to Post

Yeah of course! It is impossible for us to post our pin numbers or safe password to the Facebook, right?! Well, the private numbers that we are talking about is not the personal identity number of ATM or safe deposit box, but the birth dates and phone number. Receiving many happy birthday’s greetings is a nice thing to have, but this thing can make Facebook hacker one step closer to steal our private information. If we want to share our birth date, okay it’s alright but let’s hidden the year. Don’t worry about that because our friends will know how old we are. Another private number that we should hide is phone number or favorite number. Even though we really want our crush spies on us to find out our private number, but let’s dream about another way.


Your Recent Condition

We often see in the Facebookthat someone is very up to date about her or his condition such as posting the condition that the person is going through at that time through status or share the location where that person is visiting. Hacking Facebook is very easy to be done if we provide our private information voluntarily through the social media. Remember, there are some bad guys out there that are waiting for us to be hacked, so be wise in using social media.